EMPEL™ delivers Premium Performance, Distinct Comfort, and the ability to create New Products. 

Direct Consumer Benefits

  • 10x Premium Water Protection – In head to head severe rain testing, EMPEL Molecular Water Protection performs 10x better than the leading water repellent treatments. We endure the extremes of 6 hour Hurricane rain chamber tests to make sure EMPEL won’t fail you in a hard rain.
  • Enhanced Breathability – Breathable fabrics are more comfortable to wear.  We don’t coat fabrics with stiff chemistries or plastics.  Our microscopic process is uniformly bonded to each fiber to enhance the natural breathability of the fabric. Air can freely pass between the yarns and still keep out larger water molecules.
  • Incredible Soft Touch – The base chemistry of EMPEL uses components found in facial creams.  These softeners add functional properties that act like a molecular lubricant to prevent EMPEL treated fabrics from becoming stiff or loud.
  • Clean chemistry / Safe to Wear – GTT chemistries are independently tested and certified by Oeko-tex to contain no carcinogens that may be absorbed through our skin.  Several of our brand and mill partners also regularly re-test to validate our claims. We have found in our internal lab tests that several outside fabrics contain carcinogens found in certain dyes and PFOAs. Human sweat acts like a conduit to bring contaminants from our clothing onto our skin and into our bodies. A recent medical study sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that dermal penetration of PFOA is a “significant route of exposure” – even for human skin.  (See the J. of Toxicology and Environmental Health A, 75(1), pp 50- 62, 2012.) Most importantly, at GTT we internally test our own chemistry and fabrics to make sure we EXCEED global safety standards.

Superior Performance

There are several reasons why EMPEL™ delivers superior protection and performance results:

  • Covalent molecular bonding causes EMPEL™ monomers to lock together in long polymer chains. These long chains add to the hyper water repellent function of EMPEL™ Molecular Water Protection. The polymer bonding also locks to the fibers of the fabric at the same time for better long-term durability.
  • Cross linkers added to the base monomer chemistry create additional locking bonds to increase bonding strength and performance durability.
  • The pressure used in the process drives the chemistry into the yarns of the fabric. As pressure is evenly applied in the GTT chamber, the “Clean Chemistry” evenly coats EACH fiber. This type of encapsulation creates a uniform water repellent barrier that is a key reason EMPEL™ works on fabrics like knits, fleece WITHOUT needing a membrane.
  • Microscopic fiber protection also means less water for laundry and lower water temperatures work as well as hot water. Standard Fluorine based water repellent chemistries will repel dirt and oil initially. But once a fabric has dirt or oil ground into the surface, the Fluorine now works as a barrier blocking water from penetrating and cleaning the fabric. EMPEL™ has been independently tested by customers highly focused on dirt and stain resistance. Uniform fiber protection and encapsulation forms an excellent foundation for superior soil release and fabric cleaning.

New product concepts powered by EMPEL

  • FINALLY, luxury fabrics like wools and silk can be built with performance functions without changing the soft hand feel or appearance. Treated wool blazers and peacoats can be worn directly into the rain and keep people dry for hours. In internal tests at GTT, our fine wool fabrics pass the Bundesmann test for 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times the standard test limits.
  • Hoodies are warm and comfortable but they traditionally don’t work well in the rain. Performance athletic knits made for flexibility and breathability also fail in rainstorms. The EMPEL™ Molecular Water Protection process keeps knit fabrics dry. The hyper dry surface tension of the treated fabric sheds water 10x better than typical products on the market.
  • Footwear from the past required membranes (plastic bags between the layers) to stay dry. This has always been a problem because feet sweat. Our technology keeps highly air permeable fabrics dry and allows shoes to breath. Feet stay drier and more comfortable.
  • Most clothing is made for either 3 months of the hot summer or 3 months of the cold winter. But EMPEL™ protects fabrics in the transitional seasons of Spring and Fall as well. Effectively increasing the range of protection for sweaters, long sleeve shirts and temperate weather clothing creates a new concept for the selling seasons

An innovation platform with the same base chemistry, process and machinery

  • The EMPEL™ innovation platform includes clean chemistry, a dry finishing process that uses no water and new patented lower cost machinery.
  • This same chemistry can be used to bond many different performance functions to fabrics. Several functions can be applied at the same time in the same batch. The resulting fabric attributes are revolutionary and unique.
  • GTT started with water repellency because PFCs are killing people and the planet. Among other inventions, we are now focused on fabric dying. Fabric dying represents the largest cause of water pollution in the textile manufacturing process. Our results are showing great promise and we are already talking to our key mill and brand partners to bring new products to market. Our GTT goals remain the same, innovation that provides better performance while we clean up the textile industry.
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